AMC Support Services

AMC Support Services for RTS Installations

Key success factor in the sustenance of large scale RTS installation is the ability to keep uptime close to 100%.  Timely addressing of issues that impacts power production efficiency is crucial.

SmartEco provides AMC support for large RTS systems.  With periodic cleaning of panels, monitoring power generation efficiency and due diligence checks, we ensure that revenue is NOT lost for the owners due to system downtime.

Apart from routine maintenance tasks, our value-added services include remote monitoring of power generation, RTS design review, checks on anomalies arising out of design inefficiencies and thermographic inspection to identify critical electrical interconnection issues, if necessary.

Our AMC support also includes supporting efforts of warranty claims with OEMs, reconciling billing discrepancies with CESCOM etc. The entire suite of services come at a very nominal annual fee.

Our AMC approach has following steps

1.Define Scope, Baseline Assets, Planning and Sign-Off Contract

  • Study existing RTS installation setup and arrive at scope of activities, periodicity and agree on SLAs.
  • Setup RMS for remote monitoring of power production and start monitoring.
  • Take stock of assets, initial observation of any design anomalies as against standard industry practices.
  • Sign-off AMC agreement.

2. Due Diligence, Periodic Cleaning and Preventive Maintenance

  • Conduct due diligence to identify potential non-standard installation practice or CESCOM compliance practice.
  • Setup key infrastructure requirements needed for maintenance.
  • Perform periodic cleaning of panel arrays.
  • Perform periodic inspection of components deployed to ensure proper functioning w.r.t power production and action.
  • Perform preventive maintenance and essential upgrades as per scope.
  • Facilitate warranty claim efforts with OEMs.

3. Periodic Status Reporting, Metrics on Performance

  • Periodic reporting of maintenance status as agreed.
  • Reports on solar energy production logs.
  • Report recommendations and corrective actions.

SmartEco budget friendly AMC options for all segments. Details may be obtained on request.

SmartEco is providing AMC support for maintenance of large 500KW+ RTS systems.  From periodic cleaning of panels, maintenance and due diligence of monitoring power generation efficiency system components, SmartEco ensures that revenue is NOT lost due to system downtime.

This setup provides premium office space for big power consuming technology companies and is fully green energy compliant.

Apart from regular maintenance support, our value-added services include daily remote monitoring of power generation, due diligence checks on inefficiencies with inverters, panel arrays, networking/wifi connectivity to inverters for data logging.  Services to troubleshoot using thermographic inspection to identify potential defects or electrical interconnection issues on need basis.  

The AMC support also includes facilitating warranty claims with OEMs, reconciling billing discrepancies with CESCOM etc.

“Good service on AMC, experienced staffs with resolving issues without any escalations. Good co-ordination with client”.

- -Mr. Yogesh HS. Aris Global Mysore Offshore Delivery Center.

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