RTS Performance Audit Solutions

RTS Performance Audit Solutions

Various factors contribute to the performance of solar power plants such as radiation, temperature, and other climatic conditions. RTS design, inverter, panel and other equipment’s efficiency also matters.

It is important to undertake the performance audit of solar power plants. Knowledge about the performance of solar power plant will help with timely actions for better power production.

Better performance of Solar PV power plants is essential in terms of increased revenue generation to the asset owner. As the saying goes “You can’t manage what you can’t measure“,  the performance audit of the plants on regular interval will indicate rooms for performance improvements on continuous basis.

Our Approach has following Steps

1.Remote Monitoring & Analysis of RMS Data

Setup RMS for remote monitoring of power production and monitor for few weeks. Take note of any anomalies w.r.t power production compared to projected numbers. Zero in on problem areas w.r.t charge controller, inverter and panel arrays.Plan for site audit for due diligence.

2. Due Diligence & RTS Design Review

Conduct site walk-through to identify any potential non-standard installation practice or CESCOM compliance practice Look for possible areas of hinderances to ideal power production conditions both from location and system-design perspective. Inspect components deployed to validate design. Identify problem areas. Make note of deviations from industry standard practices that may cause inefficiencies.

3. Publish key findings, improvement Areas ​

Analyze data gathered, publish audit findings. Publish reports on findings, anomalies and recommendations for performance improvements. Recommend Tools and Apps for better monitoring and industry best practices on power production.

Different levels of consulting may be needed. Request us for more details

Due-diligence & performance audit for 500KW+ RTS.

A large industrial client of Paschim Group, with over 500KW capacity rooftop solar installation invited SmartEco for analysing the power generation efficiency issues in their RTS installation at Belagola, Mysore.

SmartEco provided technical consultancy to review RTS design and address power generation issues.

A detailed remote data analysis for the power production of the installation, followed by design analysis and due-diligence at onsite to check design anomalies and reporting of recommendations.

Expected that the proper implementation of recommendations would result in over 20% improved power generation thus significant savings for the customer.

SmartEco consulting methodology on RTS Performance Audit of large RTS installation power generation efficiency has helped Paschim Group in timely resolving of issues and saving significant revenue thru improved performance.

“Good place for Rooftop Solar Power Solutions. Good technical strength of the company helped to us trouble shoot the issues we had in our rooftop solar. "

- Mr. Gangadhara, www.paschimgroup.com Paschim group of companies.

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