Residential RTS projects are essentially a prudent and noble attempt to embrace green energy to help environment in a small way and also to achieve sustained cost reduction over the years. Most of our 10KW customers are large consumers of power, with monthly spend of over Rs. 6-7K now get the luxury of free electricity plus additional revenue thru power export to grid. An investment in 10KW would generate lifetime savings of Rs. 2.45 Cr thru captive consumption and interest from savings earner after pay back years of just 4-5 years.

Few notable residential projects in and around Mysore.


Commercial RTS projects were exercises of embarking on cost reduction initiative from respective organizations to adopt renewable energy. SmartEco involvement started with an energy audit to assess consumption scenarios and recommend right-fit solutions. In some cases involved decision to move away from an expensive 100KW grid power to a smaller, fully self-reliant solar rooftop solution as a measure of fixed cost reduction for future years. An average of Rs. 45-60K monthly electricity spend is now brought down to minimum in all cases. Projected Lifetime savings of Rs. 1.6 Cr with ROI of 24% . For YHAI it was an award winning project for Sustainable Tourism and Energy conservation.

International Youth Hostel (YHAI)

Leading Hotel KRS Rd Mysore

Automotive Parts Manufacturer

Large Studio Apts Mysore

Solar Solutions for Farmhouses

Solar solutions where there is no power but only Sun

Our ability to create solar solutions with solar water pumps for long hours of irrigation needs and to have luxury of 24×7 power in a place where electricity is still a dream has brought smiles to many customers.
With deep cycle C10 batteries, advanced Li-Ion and LFP batteries, Solar UPS ,Solar street lights light up the pathways of remote farmhouses around Mysore.
SmartEco custom designed solar street lights are made to order with your specific requirements of lumens, pole height, battery choice and automation in mind.
Advanced Mono solar PV Panels with Single Axis Solar Rotators help enhance power generation by following the sun during the day.

World class components that make reliable solutions

As wisely said “A chain is no stronger than its weakest link”, in a RTS system installation that is supposed to have a lifespan of 25 years of power generation, each component matters. Any component failure, it can impact the power generation and in turn your ROI. Hence you find some of the top rated quality brands as part of our solution. Rest assured, you get the best performing solar unit at your home and business.

Powering BSNL with Solar UPS Solution

A  8 KW hybrid solar UPS powering BSNL amidst the remote forests at Chamarajnagar with uninterrupted power supply. A 16-battery UPS that now provides much needed
power for the communication tower for functioning normally.

SmartEco custom designed Solar Street lights

Fully custom designed with components of reputed brands for longevity, these solar street lights have advanced Li-Ion/LFP batteries from Waaree, LED lights from connex and efficient monocrystalline PV panels from India’s premier manufacturers.

Fully customizable in terms of battery power capacity to have surveillance cameras using the same power source, pole height and design and component design enables easy maintenance. Apart from these all-in-one lights, SmartEco has centrally managed outdoor solar lighting solutions.



No hidden costs, no hassle, just a great idea. Why pay more every day for electricity when you can generate your own and also get paid? Leave designing, procurement, installing, constructing the superstructure and everything else to us and lock-in your savings for 30+ years.

SmartEco rooftop solar panel

We at SmartEco take great care to see that you have a wonderful experience with us and work together to have a great piece of rooftop solar power system. Come visit our experience center to get a better idea.

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