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SmartEco Solar Lighting Solutions

Our other essential services are aimed at supporting customers who ask for next level of green energy solutions who already have embraced rooftop solar for power. 

Lighting solutions naturally comes next.  We provide simple-to-install, all-in-one to custom made extensive battery powered solar lighting solutions for different needs.

Solar lightings come with LED lamps, PV panels, Battery, Charge controller and may have Inverter, sensors all-in-one. The lamp operates on electricity from batteries charged by photovoltaic panels during the day. The solar lighting solutions offer immense value not only saving on electricity but light up places at night, without grid power and help green energy adoption.

With advancement in solar panel/battery technology and efficiency in LED production, the new age solar lightings are an ideal alternative to power intensive electric lighting solutions. The new generation Li-Ion (LFP) batteries provide 3-4 times more recharge cycles and are light, maintenance free and lasts long.

Different Product Solutions for Different Requirements”

All-in-one Integrated Lights

  • Mini solar panels, In-built battery, LED, charge controller all in one unit. Imported/assembled.
  • May/may not have motion sensors to automate on/off and dimming brightness of light.
  • Easy to install, ideal for small lighting needs and economical.
  • Limited lifespan, minimal/NO warranty. Not repairable. Use and throw solution. short-term solution only.

Centralized Rooftop Solar UPS for Lighting

  • State-of-the-art rooftop solar     PV UPS system for indoor/outdoor lighting needs.
  • Installed on rooftops/on ground with elegant pergola design, comes with invertor, charge controller and batteries of reputed brands.
  • Ideal for business with large lighting needs. Existing street lights can be integrated using solar UPS.
  • With long term warranty from OEMs. Ideal for sustained cost savings on long term.
  • Expensive solution among 3 options but proven and long lasting.

Custom made highmast LED street lightings

Custom made using high efficiency monocrystalline PV panel, Li-IoN/ LiFePO4 battery with in-built BMS technology. Advanced LED lamps as per lumen requirements, MPPT charge controller, aluminum extruded body to store battery bank.

Motion sensor options for on/off, dimming of brightness to increases backup time. High mast GI lamp posts as per height requirements.

Costs vary based on lumen and backup needs. Components have OEM warranty with better build and are repairable.   

Li-Ion (LFP) Battery-Based Lighting Solutions

Solar hybrid systems are also suggested as ideal option for large scale outdoor lighting solution with state-of-art solar hybrid inverters and LiFePO4 battery bank would be ideal if the 24×7 backup for indoor and outdoor lighting.

These are either grid-tied, or off-grid systems with Cobalt Free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)  Battery built for safety, long lifespan, high efficiency and high power density. Marginally expensive solution, but ideal one.

They can be centrally managed without the hassles of maintaining the batteries and panels on each high mast lighting pole. These are also useful when multiple power sources needed for say cameras and lights in the same lighting pole.

Suited for large scale lighting requirements of industries (e.g. outdoor garden/street lights, production floor lamps etc.) SmartEco solution uses industry’s top-rated inverter and batter storage system, both wall mountable and can be scaled up to required capacity by just plug-n-play.  With built-in BMS (Battery Management System), it can manage and monitor cells information including voltage, current and temperature to extend battery cycle life.

These maintenance-free Lithium-Ion (LiFePO4) batteries come with 10 years of warranty as against 5 years for lead acid batteries. They have a higher energy density and have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly for large-scale energy storage including lighting solutions.

Battery with higher DoD allows to utilize more of the energy storage system’s total capacity, thus making it a better choice in most cases. The slightly higher cost is also justifiable in the long run because of these advantages.

Hybrid (Wind+Solar) UPS Solutions

Wind energy is a form of solar energy produced by uneven heating of the Earth’s surface. Wind resources are best along coastlines, on hills but usable wind resources can be installed in most areas.

Windmill has horizontal-axis propeller type wind turbine with a rotor, a generator, a mainframe and a tail. The rotor captures the kinetic energy of the wind and converts it into rotary motion to drive the generator that in turn would generate electricity to charge the battery bank.

The wind+solar hybrid UPS solutions have capacity for generating power to charge battery bank and use it as a mini UPS providing power backup.

Solution also include  PV panels array installed with required charge controller to generate power and charge the battery bank during the day if wind power is low, thus ensuring at least one renewable energy source to support 24×7 power backup.

“Though limited in scope, it is useful in places where wind is abundant and good solar irradiance is intermittent.

This hybrid solution works good to generate renewable energy thru either of the sources even at night to charge battery storage to support 24×7 power backup “.

A corporate training center of India’s leading industrial group asking SmartEco for solar powered garden work benches in the campus. Entirely custom made with LFP battery based solar charging desk, these work benches are planned for work during evenings in the campus garden.

A solution designed to match the ambiance, promptly executed and value well delivered. 

A windmill + solar hybrid system installation at the corporate training center of India’s leading industrial group in Mysore. Mini windmill and solar hybrid solution powers the training section and cafeteria with 24×7 power backup support achieved thru solar charging during day and windmill charging throughout the day/night.

Solar Water Heater/Heat Pump Solutions

The solar thermal water heaters are of two types. Solar Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) and Solar Flat Plate Collectors (FPC).  Both are easy to install, has low maintenance costs and proven.  But if you desire a solar water heating system with 24/7 guaranteed hot water, Heat Pump solution could be a right option.


Heat pumps extract heat from the air (similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner) and use it to produce hot water. They are reliable, highly efficient, economical to run consuming nearly one quarter of the electrical energy required for traditional water heating.  At 75% reduced energy consumption, this also contributes to cleaner air.

3 broad options available at different price points that has varied levels of cost saving advantages.  Check with us for specifications, as per your requirement scenario, capacity and cost.

Various options to choose from, with industry leading brands.

Get Ready to Save the Environment and your Energy Bills !!

Get in touch with us and we will be very happy to study your requirement and come up with cost effective Energy saving solutions, that are both environment friendly and budget conscious.

“ SmartEco mission is to evangelize adoption of green energy among customers thru all our solution offerings to help avoid global warming. We will make sure your water heating requirements are met by reliable long-term alliance partners. We want SmartEco to be your one-stop shop for all your renewable energy solution requirements. Visit us for free consultation ”.


We at SmartEco take great care to see that you have a wonderful experience with us and work together to have a great piece of rooftop solar power system. Come visit our experience center to get a better idea.

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